Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clouds at Noon

Looking up at the sky in a hot sunny afternoon is not something that I can or want to do too often here in Kuching. Unless if I love getting migraines.

However there was this one afternoon where even though the sun was out in full force, it somehow didn't feel to be as hot. Maybe after a few weeks of non-stop rain, the sun was somehow neutralised, tamed & domesticated. These were the clouds on that afternoon.


  1. hey dearie,
    enjoy these cloud watching while u can. when baby appears, you'll be seeing and observing a lot of morning stars and twinkle stars or moon for that matter...xoxo n happy CNY!
    Sarah & Family in Singers

  2. Happy New Year Sarah. Then you will see a new blog appearing over the horizon... Moon & Stars Over Kuching. How's the new place & how's the baby kicking?